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  1. Jerlene

    Hawaiian food.

    Anyone here tried Hawaiian food? What did you think of it? I'm from Hawaii so I grew up eating the food and it doesn't phase me. My girlfriend is from Poland but she lived in California for a long time. The Polish girl in her likes some Hawaiian food like kalua pig and lau laus, and the...
  2. Jerlene

    Township Mobile

    Does anyone here play Township? Or maybe you came across an ad for it while playing another game on your phone? lol I downloaded Fitplay(complete scam) and Township was one of the games. I downloaded it and now I'm addicted. I've been playing for almost 200 days straight. lol I even have a...
  3. Jerlene


    Who here remembers DOOM? Have you played it? DOOM is the first PC game that I played that wasn't Disney. lol My dad got sick of seeing me play Micky Mouse games so he popped DOOM in and I was hooked to it for a long time. Still one of the greatest games ever. :D
  4. Jerlene

    PS3 value.

    How much would you value a used Playstation 3 that is modified to a 1TB hard drive? I got one from Game Stop for $120 or somewhere around there. I put it up for sale on Facebook for the same price and a lot of people laughed. lol What would you guys put the worth at?