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  1. Haze

    Ever bought any game merch?

    A simple one this, have you ever liked a game so much you went out and bought some real life march to deck out your space? For me, I've bought countless Fallout, AC and COD merch for my room. Don't even get me started on Pokemon (If that counts!). I especially love my glow in the dark vault boy...
  2. Haze

    MMO's - What did you play?

    I remember Runescape myself, one of my fave MMO's that I used to play quite a lot! I was actually ranked in the top 18k players on RS at one point. Felt bloody amazing, although I realise that years later it's not really a talking point lol. I remember the days of Zezima well, what a lovely...
  3. Haze

    What have you bought but later regretted?

    I'm sure we've all purchased things in our lives which we really wanted at the time but turned out later to regret. For me, I purchased a WACOM graphics tablet, I've no idea why I dropped the money on that because I used it about 5 times, I wasn't at the stage I needed to use it and it just...
  4. Haze

    What are you good at?

    A question I don't think we ask ourselves enough, we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then. So, tell me (and the world!) what are you good at? For me, I think I'm good at assessing a situation, going away and coming up with a plan to overcome whatever lies in the way...
  5. Haze

    What 'thing' ruins a movie for you?

    A definite one for me, I dare say it happens far too often as well lol. What's the point in even writing something if you're gonna ditch it at the first opportunity >< And you, I like your style my good sir. We are now nacho buddies. Which dip though? All about that hot salsa.
  6. Haze

    The Haze stopping by!

    Thank you Smokey, hope all is well. Looking forward to meeting you all! :)
  7. Haze

    Bye bye G+

    What are your thoughts on Google+ finally shutting its doors? When I first heard it I was amazed as I actually thought it was already gone years ago! I remember using it back in its original years but quickly became one of the many non-users of it, just didn't get it and it didn't appeal to me...
  8. Haze

    What 'thing' ruins a movie for you?

    I'm going to guess that a large percentage of us loving sitting down to a movie and stuffing our faces with nachos (I dunno, maybe some of you are healthier than me! :D ) but what ruins a movie for you? For me, it's these run of the mill movies with obvious endings and happenings, I can't be...
  9. Haze

    What is your fave cheat code?

    A random one, but what is your favourite cheat code to use in a game? I know that so many games have cheat codes and all different kinds so I wanna see what is out there! For me personally, when I play GTA my fave code is the one that gives me a plane so I can just take off right from the...
  10. Haze

    What is your worst nightmare as a gamer?

    Just thinking about certain times I've been playing games and come across horrible and irritating situations that just make me internally rage. For me personally, I'm talking situations where I've been playing a game and attiring a boss several times on my computer and suddenly the screen goes...
  11. Haze

    The Haze stopping by!

    Hey there everyone on Nucleus! My names Haze (Martin if you prefer the real name!) and Im happy to be here. Hope to get to know you all and have some great discussions. Let's be honest, it's always great if it's about gaming! :D See you all around!