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  1. Naiwen


    Good morning all, I had over 12 hours sleep last night, will be breakfasting on a Chinese pastry after posting on forums and have my only coffee.
  2. Naiwen


    Good afternoon all, I had napped till noon this morning, so I had skipped over breakfast altogether, had lunched on Chinese take-out, the afternoon I had been out shopping for a new pink lip pencil, had a cinnamon latte from Starbucks, had been looking at some ugly jewelry, purses and...
  3. Naiwen

    Play Flash Games?

    Such as Zuma's Revenge, Bejeweled, Tetris and anything along those lines. I'm addicted to these myself, spend almost all my afternoons enjoying these online. Best thing about them is that there's ton free ones so anyone could game to their heart's content. All that's necessary for them is : A...
  4. Naiwen

    Last game played?

    Zuma's Revenge.
  5. Naiwen


    Good afternoon all, had an iced cinnamon hazelnut chocolate sprinkles coffee, had still a little time left before the shops opened, so had a salted caramel latte from 2nd cup, it had been really nice, sitting on a leather sofa, sipping it. After that, had been to the shops looking at some bed...
  6. Naiwen

    Daily Natter Thread!

    Hello morning guys, I had about 12 hours sleep last night, will be posting on forums, having my usual breakfast, morning coffee and a cheese toasties.
  7. Naiwen

    Mario Kart Games!

    Found a nice site to play all the Mario Kart ganes for free, loving it! Been my favorite since 5-6 years old, been playing it for about 25 years, and still an addict. Anyone is in love with it?
  8. Naiwen

    The last movie watched in theaters?

    Stalked at 17.
  9. Naiwen

    Last Game played?

    Solitaire as always. Addicted to it.
  10. Naiwen

    Daily Natter Thread!

    Good afternoon all, I had been out having my iced cinnamon chocolate sprinkles coffee, another regular iced coffee from a different coffee shop, had browsed around the shops for a good 2-3 hours, had some spare change today so had treated myself to an all-dressed Doritos crisp, that's why I'm...
  11. Naiwen

    Daily Natter Thread!

    Hey night peeps, had a nice afternoon enjoying my movie and Solitaire, will be putting on another before dinner and bedtime, which will be a home-cooked meal, but dunno what yet.
  12. Naiwen

    What are you doing right now?

    Enjoying my movie.
  13. Naiwen

    Your current Weather?

    Warm and sunny.
  14. Naiwen


    Banana nut cake for the week. It changes weekly, so yeah, lol. Hello afternoon all, I had an iced soy milk hazelnut coffee this morning out, a ginseng honey iced tea, had tried on fancy sunglasses and purses (Burberry and Gucci) at the shops. Am now home, had just posted on my blog and after...
  15. Naiwen

    Original's Rip-offs?

    Anyone has watched remakes that are the original's complete rip-off? That's how I had felt while watching "Meteor Garden 2018", their most recent remake from the original (dated like from 1995, almost 25 years ago). And I had felt it had been such a rip-off, making the actors say the same lines...
  16. Naiwen

    What are you doing right now?

    Will meditating soon.
  17. Naiwen


    Hello morning all, I had about 10 hours sleep last night, will be having my usual for breakfast, post on boards, have my morning coffee and browse the shops all morning.
  18. Naiwen

    What are you doing right now?

    Posting on Nucleus.
  19. Naiwen

    What are you doing right now?

    Enjoying a movie.
  20. Naiwen

    Daily Natter Thread!

    Hey afternoon everyone, I had a nice time having a 2.15$ mocacino (coffee and dark chocolate), a honey ginseng iced tea for a dollar, had spent 4.6$ on a wild lotus-scented ultra-moisturizing shower gel for the winter, had treated myself to a nice 15.35$ Alex and Ani bangle, still have some...