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  1. queenzelda

    Ever bought any game merch?

    Yea, tons of Pokemon plushies. A Mario plush, Luigi plush, a ton of amiibo, Link mini figure, Tetra mini figure, a Kingdom Hearts keyblade, & Link's sword (both are metal).
  2. queenzelda

    What 'thing' ruins a movie for you?

    When the kid next to me asks "Is the movie over? What's going on?" Ugh, every time my movie is ruined by kids talking through it. Argh.
  3. queenzelda

    Favorite sport to watch?

    Ice skating during the winter olympics. It's the only sports thing I'll watch cause the skaters are usually very graceful & I always get caught up in watching their routines.
  4. queenzelda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yea, I started to play on HZ: D & the game play felt great but then something else released that I wanted to play more. I should really go back & finish. Maybe one day!
  5. queenzelda


    I tried it, but with the long string of ads during my trying to listen to one of Prince's albums I just wasn't impressed with it tbh. I love my Google+ music account as I can purchase music with it minus ads. That or I can listen to YouTube minus ads with ad block on while on pc.
  6. queenzelda

    What was the last thing you did?

    Read a reddit post involving what next to expect in the third act of DQXI.
  7. queenzelda

    Which theme are you using?

    The light theme myself. :3
  8. queenzelda

    What time did you wake today?

    10:30am. Imma go back to sleep. xD
  9. queenzelda

    What do you do during the day?

    Besides stay up past past 4am, I sleep until my cat gets me up at 1pm. I then post on forums, make lunch, play video games, do a few chores around the house, & make dinner before heading out. I'm always a lot more busier during the holidays. Only games I'm playing outside of DQXI, are: Miitopia...
  10. queenzelda

    Last game played?

    Dragon Quest XI, I basically defeated Mordigon late last night. I'm on the third act, atmo. Holy cats is this game ever long.
  11. queenzelda


    So basically you only use just the numbers from a Twitter link, from how the media tag looks.
  12. queenzelda


    Sweet! I've been tweeting gameplay screen shots for what ever I'm playing as of recently & I tend to use my tweets in the 'what are you playing' threads. xD
  13. queenzelda

    New theme - Nucleus Light!

    Thank you so much, I appreciate it. It helps for me to have a light theme, I know most people love/need a dark theme but I'm the complete oposite. :3
  14. queenzelda

    Time for some more games. lol

    Time for some more games. lol
  15. queenzelda

    Light theme?

    Yes, I would love to have a light theme. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder & dark themes don't help with that at all. D:
  16. queenzelda


    I was wondering if xenfro allowed twitter embedding with a free ad on or something like with mybb??
  17. queenzelda

    Last game played?

    Just got the Sword of Light forged in Dragon Quest XI.
  18. queenzelda

    Classic consoles?

    I actually still have all of my 'classic' consoles. I love them & as long as they work fine, I'll play the games I have on them. The classic consoles I have go from the NES all the way to the PS2. I have a lot of older classic consoles. XD
  19. queenzelda

    Wanna Fanta, Don't You Wanna?

    Hey welcome to the nucleus! Good to see you. :3
  20. queenzelda

    Playstation Network

    I love my PS4 console, but like you I don't play online with it either. I usually don't have the friends/money for it. XD